Norva24 was established in 2015, when a group of smaller local companies merged and formed a large group across regions. Today we deliver a broad spectrum of underground infrastructure maintenance services to private companies, corporate markets and public institutions. We are located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Young company – long history
Despite Norva24’s young age, our history goes far back in time. Our oldest local department began with septic services with horse and carriage as early as in 1919. All our departments have their unique and exciting history, and together we have approximately 300 years of experience!

Broad service spectrum and quality at all stages
Our diversity of talented employees always makes sure to deliver top quality work – within the set time. We have a broad spectrum of services in high pressure flushing, drainage services, tank cleaning and piping services. A number of our services safeguard underground infrastructure maintenance. We open where it is clogged, flush where it is dirty and empty whenever it is full – we maintain and tidy up.

Local knowledge and nationwide force
Our local presence is important to provide the best service to all our customers. We know the local markets well, and are quickly in place if the need arises. Our nationwide reach also makes it possible to offer our customers even more services than before. You get to have your cake and eat it too!

You can trust us – we are always there to help!






  • 2,1 billion NOK in sales
  • 600 cars
  • Over 1400 employees