Quality, health, environment and security – the foundation of the company.
For us at Norva24 it is important that all work is carried out with high precision and quality. The goal of the group is to be ahead on quality, health, environment and security, and all employees in the group shall participate in the process of constant improvement of both work environment, work processes, environmental work, social responsibility etc.

QHSE Management System according to Internal Control Regulations
The commitment “We always help!” can sometimes be demanding to live up to, but through a fantastic QHSE culture rooted in the group’s core, this has been made possible. Norva24 has built a QHSE Management System with content, structure and documentation that satisfies requirements from the Internal Control Regulations, ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) standards. The system is web based, which renders the information more available and updated at any time. All employees have been granted access to the Management System, where communication is adapted.


Involvement of Employees
We actively work towards involving the employees in our QHSE work, so that everyone feels ownership to this. We have several measures to ensure this:

  • Through the web system Yammer, procedures, risk assessments, instructions and other QHSE work are put up for discussion before they are confirmed and implemented in the EQS Management System. This way Norva24 creates QHSE work and ownership both within the administration and amongst employees.
  • A good trust- and safety delegate system, work environment council and frequent QHSE meetings ensure that employees participate actively in the QHSE work.
  • The Management System handles improvement with suggestions, near misses and deviations formidably. Registration, distribution of responsibility, as well as measures are handled and processed directly in the system.
  • All employees in the group must go through a buddy system, as well as take part in the Norva24 School upon employment. Here they receive targeted education until the employee feels safe at work.
  • Registration and improvement of competencies is constantly followed up by the operating companies in Norva24. Several operating companies are pre-qualified by Achilles, Startbank, Sellchia, as well as being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Contact us

Do you want more information regarding our QHSE work? Get in touch with our QHSE Manager:

Per Inge Karlstad
QHSE Manager

Tlf:415 39 650
Email: per.inge.kalstad@norva24.no