We treat roads with Dustex, which is an efficient and very environmentally friendly treatment for gravel roads. Dustex binds the gravel and reduces issues with dust, and strengthens the top layer of the road.

What is Dustex?
Dustex is a gravel treatment produced by Borregaard, and is based on nature’s very own binding agent, lignin. Lignin is what binds the fibers in fir trees together.

In addition to reducing dust problems, Dustex increases traffic safety – all while strengthening the top layer of the road. Dustex is particularly ideal to limit dust during construction.

Why use Dustex?
With regular supply of Dustex through several years, you achieve a solid road with a stable cover – also in depth. By binding the dust, you get a gravel road which requires less maintenance and results in better road financing.

  • The road’s capacity increases
  • Problems with frost heaving are reduced to a minimum
  • Less loss of gravel
  • Less re-planing

Today, Dustex is used by cabin condominiums, cooperatives and municipalities. Several municipalities have decided to get rid of badly asphalted roads and replace this with good gravel roads by using Dustex. We have agreements in place with several municipalities, where we lay Dustex every year, because regular supply of Dustex reduces the consumption notably.

Leaves a durable result
The result with regular use of Dustex, are durable roads with higher standard. Dustex is additionally an environmentally friendly solution, because treated roads are less of a burden to nature.


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