Cleaning can do wonders to buildings, whether it is facade cleaning or roof cleaning on private houses or industrial structures. An efficient pressure wash makes the building appear more inviting, and is well worth the investment.

Climate change increases the need for external cleaning.
Climate change has led to increased rain and more humid weather. This can bring some challenges for those not attentive with external cleaning.

  • Fungal and moisture damages: A lack of cleaning can cause damage to wood. Dirty walls attract moisture, and is the perfect breeding ground for various micro-organisms. With humid weather and increasing air pollution, the growth conditions for fungus and algae have improved. Within the dirt lies fungal spores, and if these are left alone too long, they can cause rotting.
  • Changes in colour: Climate change combined with air pollution can change the colour of the building. Both wood stain and paint can become sludgy and unclear, and have a reduced life span. Algae sticking to the surface will eventually attach to paint and wood stain, and deteriorate the technical quality.


How often should houses or buildings be washed?
All houses or buildings should be washed each year. That way the growth of fungus and algae is reduced. At the same time, pollen and other pollution lying in roof and walls are removed.

Wash before painting
Facade cleaning is particularly important if you are about to paint the house. The cleaning removes fat and dirt, so that the new paint sticks better. If there is fat and dirt underneath the paint, you risk it flaking off.

Regular roof cleaning
Remember that the roof is the fifth facade of the house, and that the humid climate makes roof cleaning more important than ever. It is also important to wash the roof for maintenance and duration.

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