The Working Environment Act authorizes the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority to perform gas checks before work is performed in tanks, closed rooms or pipes, where there might be flammable or toxic matter. Measuring and mapping of the situation must be performed by qualified personnel. This entails that gas checks be performed by a certificate issuer that has been approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

Measuring of gas and oxygen in closed rooms
To ensure that all those working in closed rooms or tanks are not exposed to toxic gases, the Working Environment Act contains strict requirements for the measuring of gas and the handling of this type of work.

When working on tanks or pipes that have previously contained toxic, environmentally harmful or flammable goods, a control must always be performed to ensure that the tank or the pipe is free of gas and that it contains enough oxygen. A gas meter ensures that there are no explosive or dangerous gases in the air. If the meter shows that there are hazardous substances in the tank, this will be sucked out and replaced with oxygen.

All Norva24 vehicles for gas measuring are equipped with gas meters. No one shall enter a tank or a manhole without using gas meter. Also, it is not allowed to enter a manhole or tank without there being at least two individuals present.

New requirements for working in tanks and closed rooms
The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has made great changes to the regulations. The biggest difference for people working in tanks and closed rooms, that the regulation “Work in tanks” is obsolete. This is replaced by paragraph 29 in the regulation “Workmanship”, which states that all work in closed rooms must be performed “without endangering life or health”. A simple requirement that leaves the employer with a great responsibility.

Approved gas inspector
When working on tanks or piping systems formerly containing hazardous, environmentally harmful or flammable goods, a Work Certificate must be written. Our gas inspectors are approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, and may therefore perform gas checks on behalf of the customer. The gas inspector must have an Entering Certificate and an ADR Tank Certificate. One of the primary tasks of the Norwegian Association for Hazardous Waste (NFFA) is to increase expertise and professionalism among all those who work with hazardous waste.

On the Work Certificate, the gas inspector may add guidelines for the use of protective gear or other measures to make sure the work is performed safely. The gas inspector will also consider which gas checks need to be done, and how often a gas check should be performed. Every time personnel enter the tank or a manhole, a gas check must be performed.

We perform state checks and other maintenance on diesel tanks and other tank systems with the transporters. Larger transport firms must perform controls of their steel tanks every five years.

Examples of assignments where Entering- and ADR Certificates must be issued:

  • Under hot working conditions on tank wagons formerly containing flammable goods.
  • During state check and other maintenance on tanks and pipe systems.
  • Old tanks to be discarded or destroyed.






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