Pressure washing from 0 to 3000 bar is used in several types of assignments. When washing and cleaning for industrial purposes, we usually use high pressures from 400 to 3000 bar. This type of high pressure washing can also be used in non-industrial assignments. For example, the cleaning of tanks and columns, pipes, constructions, facades, buildings, steel cutting and concrete removal.

Structures, both industrial and commercial, need frequent maintenance and cleaning. We pressure wash industrial buildings, industrial areas and facades . Sometimes extreme pressure is necessary. An example is concrete rehabilitation with water chiselling Concrete rehabilitation is done through water chiselling on concrete structures, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as bridge edges. Water chiselling is also used as concrete rehabilitation for quay edges and dams, or on concrete structures, like parking houses or for facade rehabilitation. We can also quickly remove or cut away old concrete, or strip rebars.

Tank cleaning
We have a large selection of nozzles for most assignments of tank cleaning, and we also have special nozzles for internal cleaning of industrial tanks. With our special equipment, we can flush large tanks internally without having to enter the tanks. We perform tank cleaning on land-based facilities, supply vessels and sea installations.

We pressure wash columns and containers, and offer cleaning of heat exchangers, both using lances and lance feeders. Cleaning of heat exchangers with lance feeders allows us to use up to five lances simultaneously. This entails five hoses entering at the same time. This means that the job can be performed quickly and efficiently. With five hoses, we can maintain the desired pressures and water amounts. Cleaning in place with chemical cleaning is also considered part of industrial cleaning.

Steel cleaning
We also perform assignments entailing steel cutting and surface treatments of steel structures that are also in need of maintenance. Examples include larger steel constructions. We remove rust and paint effectively, whether it is on bridges, tankers, ferries or other vessels.

Clogged pipes and drains
We pipe flush all kinds of clogged pipes, whether they contain various liquids, gases or are regular drain pipes. We have to be aware of the pressure used in order not to damage the pipe. If we are in doubt about the nature of the pipe, we recommend a pipe inspection which will tell us what pressure to use.

Public pipe systems
Norva24 has several large washers, which are vehicles built with a high pressure capacity. When manholes are clogged, two things must be done. Sand and sludge must be sucked away, and pipes must be pressure washed clean. This usually occurs in the same operation. External pipes normally have a wide diameter, and therefore a lot of water is needed to clean them. The vehicles pump out 300-400 litres a minute, with a pressure of 150-170 bar. Norva24 has a range of pressure washing vehicles across the country, with specially designed solutions. The cars are equipped with high-tech instruments that help us perform the job safely and optimally.

We have many examples of pipes and tanks overgrowing. For example, through the hardening of epoxy, sulfur or rubber. High pressure is needed to remove the material, and usually much higher pressures than that of regular pressure washers. Ultra high pressure washing, with a water pressure up towards 1000 bar, cleans away most things. The type of nozzles or pistols we use depend on the job at hand. Everything is adapted for the best result.

Working with high pressures can be dangerous, and that is why we are very concerned with safety. All our employees are certified and trained to do the job in a safe and efficient way. Furthermore, it is important to us that the necessary protective and safety gear is always used on the job. Our crews are equipped with their own protective clothing to avoid injuries on the job during work with high pressures.

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