Does it smell bad in your home or do you have problems with ever clogging pipes? By performing an inspection of the pipes, we will find the root of your problems.

What is a pipe inspection?
Old pipes have a limited duration. If you experience bad smell or ever clogging pipes, we may find the root of your problems by checking the inside of the pipes thoroughly. Issues with pipelines often happen over time, when tearing and external factors weaken the pipeline’s structure. It can also happen suddenly and without warning.

Since pipes are often covered or buried, filming the inside is a good way of checking them.

How is a pipe inspection performed?
An inspection is done with a specially built, remotely controlled pipe inspection camera, which is introduced into the drain pipe. The video is transferred directly to the screen, and is analysed afterwards. When the problem has been uncovered, we deliver a report with a professional opinion on the state of the pipes and a recommendation with regards to repairing the damage.

What do we find out during pipe inspections?
A pipe inspection can be used in e.g.:

  • Leak detection
  • Congestions
  • Pipe condition assessments
  • Pipe route mapping
  • Fall measurement mapping
  • Bearing and registration of manholes
  • Follow-up inspections of new pipe systems
  • Pipe localization


Issues may be rust and corrosion in old iron pipes, sediments and roots. These can be removed through pipe flushing. Leakages from joints may lead the mass around the pipes to be flushed away, so that the pipes move out of place. Sometimes, this means that the whole piping system must be dug out and replaced, or that it will suffice to perform point digging and only repair the broken part. If the pipes lay in order and with the right inclination, pipe renewal or point reparation may be good solutions. This is best evaluated after a pipe inspection.

When you need to know the exact location of pipes, we can determine pipe routing or the point of damage with a probe. The probe is introduced into the pipe with a camera, and any points of damage may be marked and improved in the same spot. Accurate localization of pipes is also used in renovation and construction, when you need to know the exact pipe routing.

To find issues with water pipes/drinking water pipelines, we perform a leak inspection.

When might I need a pipe inspection?
If you have had repeated blockage of your pipeline, it can be smart to book a pipe inspection. During an inspection of the pipes, you gain a solid overview, which indicates how we may correct any errors or deficiencies together. In some cases, a pipe flushing or cleaning will suffice, whereas the pipe systems may need to be dug out and replaced entirely in other cases.

Video – Pipe inspection

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