Cleaning in Place is a process where hot or cold water together with chemical liquids are used for the cleaning of closed systems. This might be a heat exchanger, pipes of different dimensions or other closed objects, whether in industrial facilities on land or in the offshore or fishing industry.

Cleaning in place is mainly used when closed pipe or tank systems are cleaned. The system is ideal for areas that are hard to reach. How often cleaning in place should be performed depends on the type of production or product present in the tanks, pumps, heat exchangers or pipes.

By using cleaning in place, there is no need to spend long time disassembling heat exchangers or other systems. This means we avoid a lot of mechanical work.

All types of industries
Proprietary, environmentally friendly chemicals are used in the cleaning process. Amount and pressure depends on the type of objects to be cleaned. The goal is that pipes or tanks are brought back to their original cleanliness and quality.

Most assignments are performed within the oil and gas sector, but Norva24 also performs several assignments for food-, water- and marine business, along with other industries. All businesses have different operating equipment, pipe routing with different dimensions, heat exchangers or larger pumps, which benefit greatly from this type of cleaning.

The fishing industry
Cleaning in the fishing industry requires methods and environmentally friendly chemicals that get the job done, whether the water temperature be high or low. We constantly work to develop products and systems that satisfy the requirements in place, and simultaneously ensure good hygiene and create a basis for optimal production.

Oil and gas
Especially in petroleum production, there can be provisions left on the process equipment. Therefore, frequent cleaning is important to prevent stoppage or reduced safety.

The provisions often contain hazardous components. Earlier, this represented a challenge for the personnel, who performed the cleaning manually.

The great advantage is that we can connect our equipment directly to the unit destined for cleaning. When the cleaning is complete, production may recommence quickly. When we perform a cleaning, we fill the object in question with a mixture of water and chemicals. A closed circuit is established, and water and chemical are heated and allowed to circulate for a set period of time, depending on the volume. Measurements are performed, which show the progress of the cleaning process. After the circulation has ended, the circuit is drained and the system will again be ready for use.

Frequent cleaning and washing is a profitable way to avoid unwanted stoppage, ensure high production and a long life span of the equipment.

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