Used oil products that can no longer be used for their original purpose, might turn into cashbacks if delivered to approved sites. The waste oil refund system is in place in order to prevent substances harmful to health and environment from spreading into nature.

Norva24 has several such sites across the country that you can deliver to. You get paid for the waste oil you submit, while caring for the environment.

Hazardous waste
Waste oil, like motor oil, hydraulic oil and heat transfer oil, is categorised as hazardous waste . Norva24 has its own tanking facility and equipment on their tankers that make sure such waste is collected and handled in a properly and legally manner.

First, the waste oil is sucked out of workshops or tanks and into the tanker. Then, it is transported to our tanking facility. The tanking facility is an approved refund site for waste oil. In addition, the facility is adapted to collect oil-contaminated water, polluted fuel and other oil products that may damage nature.

Refund eligibility
The waste oil refund system is a state subsidy in place to contribute to an increase in the amount of waste oil collected and treated in a proper and environmentally sound way. The terms are detailed, and regard both those eligible to apply for refunds and how the oil must be treated. There are additional requirements for documentation.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has developed a detailed form to be used when applying for a refund. Norva24 follows this waste declaration in their daily work.

For the refund to work correctly, several state guidelines have been developed for the submitted oil. It must not be mixed with other waste, and the waste oil must not be otherwise contaminated. The amount is stated in litres. The refund is paid when the waste is checked and collected at Norva24’s tanking facility.

At the tanking facility, the waste oil is pumped out of the tanker and filtered roughly. Then, the oil is stored in a calibrated measuring tank, before a test is sent for analysis.

Approved oil goes on to combustion or energy recovery. Even solid waste containing oil is reused for energy.

You can read more about the waste oil refund system here.

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