A clean tank ensures good fuel quality. All fuel storage tanks must therefore be cleaned regularly. If cleaning is not taken seriously, you risk both diesel bugs, sludge, water and bacteria in the tank, which will reduce fuel quality.

Norva24 performs tank cleaning professionally, which maintains both safety and the environment.

Cleaning of fuel tanks
Tank cleaning is done in steps, where the remnants of fuel are first sucked into a clean chamber on the tanker. Then, precipitates and sludge are sucked into the sludge chamber.

When the tank has been emptied, it must be aired out so that the atmosphere is substituted. Toxic substances, and sometimes flammable substances, are sucked out of the fuel tank and substituted with fresh air.

We use a gas meter to control sufficient oxygen and that there are no explosive gases left in the tank.

When the tank atmosphere has been approved, the washing begins. A professional equipped with the right protection gear, like gas masks and chemical-proof clothing, enters the tank to wash it thoroughly. The waste water is then sucked out, and the tank is dried.

The last part of the process is to filter the fuel removed from the tank to start with, to then release it into the newly cleaned tank.

Cleaning and control of marine- and rig tanks
We clean more than 1 000 marine tankers on offshore supply ships and perform the following services:

  • Washdown of pipes and chain lockers on oil rigs
  • Emptying of mud basins
  • Emptying and washdown of land based tanking facilities
  • Gas checks
  • Issuing entry permits and work certificates


Condition control
In connection with tank cleaning, a condition control might also be performed on the tank. If the tank is approved, approvals lasting 5 to 10 years may be issued. It is the tank owner’s responsibility that the tank is approved.

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