Do you you have a clogged sink or toilet? Or maybe you smell sewage in the house? If you note a bad odour from a drain or from the sink, toilet or bathroom drain, or experience that the sink does not empty, you probably have clogged pipes or a clogged drain.

We perform pressure washing on pipes, so that you can avoid problems.

Problems with water and drains?
A clogged toilet, drain or shower can be both uncomfortable, and above all costly. Not only can it make the house smell like sewage, but it can also lead to water damage to the room with the clogged drain. A water damage can lead to high repair costs, which could have been avoided if the drain had been unclogged before it was too late.

We often experience that dirt, soap remnants, fat, rust and hair lead to clogged pipes. In these situations, we perform pipe flushing, where we clean the pipe system with a pressure washer, to then open clogged pipes. In most cases this will dissolve fat and coating from the pipes.

All pipes will clog over time with normal use, and we therefore recommend frequent controls and maintenance of the pipes.

Signs of clogged drains

  • If water does not leave the sink, toilet or drain in the bathroom, or other drains in the house, you probably have clogged pipes.
  • It may indicate a clogged drain if water resurfaces from the sewage or drain, or other places in the house, when you use the toilet or empty out water.
  • If you hear a clucking sound in the pipes after the water has run down the drain, this is one of the first signs that the pipes are about to clog.

If you notice any of these signs, then the danger is near — and you should perform a pipe flushing to prevent the pipes from clogging entirely. If you are already up to your knees in sewage in the bathroom, or the kitchen sink is completely clogged, you need urgent opening of the clogged pipe, and pipe flushing is almost inevitable.

How is pipe flushing performed?
Pipe flushing is done using a pressure washer, and is usually done through a stake hatch, drain or a disassembled water lock underneath a sink. A special nozzle is connected to the hose, which ensures that the water flushes and cleans the inside of the pipe completely.

To check that the pipes are damage free, we can perform a pipe inspection with a pipe inspection camera. A camera with lights is introduced into the pipes. On a computer screen professionals check if the newly flushed pipes are clean and damage free.

If the sewer in the street is clogged or the sewage is running all over the place, it is important to get things under control — and fast. Contact the technical agency in your municipality, which then contacts its partner for flushing and pipe inspection. Norva24 has departments all across the country.

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