When it gets cold enough outside, pressure- and drinking water pipes may freeze. The frozen pipes must be thawed, whether they are inside or outside, on private or municipal piping systems. We fix this with water and pressure.

How are pipes thawed?
When drinking water pipes freeze, a flushing vehicle with a clean water tank uses a specially designed high pressure hose to flush the pipes free from frost and ice. Hot and cold water, as well as a pyramid-shaped special nozzle, digs away the ice.

Hygiene is very important when we work with thawing of drinking water pipes. All equipment used must be both clean and disinfected. No bacteria must be transferred to the water.

But also other types of pressure water pipes may freeze. For example, a pump line. This is usually full of sewage water, and if it does not lie deep enough or is frost free, the contents might turn to ice. In this case, it must be thawed. First, the pump is disassembled in the manhole, then the line is thawed using water, pressure and a special nozzle.

A drainpipe rarely freezes, because it always has a fall and drains empty. Should it freeze anyway, this would indicate a construction error. After the frozen pipe has been thawed, the error must be improved in order to prevent the problem from repeating.

Sometimes, short parts of the pipe freeze, while other times it applies to longer stretches. In some cases, we must dig up parts of the stretch, and thaw from both sides. However short or long the problem is, we will always find a solution to thaw it.


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