Regular pressure washing is not always enough for overgrown tanks or pipes, and it is often necessary with more powerful solutions, like high-pressure washing.

When regular pressure is not enough
Pipes and tanks can overgrow. For example, by the hardening of industrial materials like epoxy, sulfur or rubber, making them rock hard. This is when high pressure becomes necessary to remove the material, usually at a much higher pressure than that of regular high pressure cleaners. Ultra high pressure washing however, has a much more powerful pressure than in regular pressure washing with a water pressure of up to 1050 bar. Ultra high pressure washing therefore cleans away most of what can not be removed in other ways.

Ultra high pressure can also effectively remove or cut away old concrete, strip rebars, clean tanks or blow away rust from metal. The type of nozzles or pistols we use, depends on the job at hand. Everything can be adapted for the best result.

Special equipment
The equipment is important. That is why we have a specially designed flushing vehicle for ultra high pressure. It has an ultra high pressure aggregator, which is controlled by a computer. We even have our own water tank of 3000 litres, as well as equipment to connect the machines to water outlets at the work site. The hose is 80 meters with the maximum water amount, and the length can be extended for lower amounts of water.

We also have equipment for underwater concrete rehabilitation, so that we can cut and chisel concrete under water with the help of a diver.

Security first
It can be dangerous to work with high pressures, and that is why we are extremely concerned with safety. All our employees are certified and trained to perform the job safely and effectively. Furthermore, it is important to us that the necessary protective and safety equipment is always used during work.


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