Water chiselling is a method of concrete rehabilitation, in which an extremely high water pressure is applied to rehabilitate or remove damaged concrete. This is done without harming surrounding structures.

When can you use water chiselling?
Water chiselling is used in concrete rehabilitation, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as bridge sides. Water chiselling is also used as a method of concrete rehabilitation for quaysides and dams, and on concrete structures like parking garages and during facade renovation.

Water chiselling is undoubtedly the best way of stripping rebars in concrete structures and removing damaged concrete.

Advantages of water chiselling

  • Water chiselling only removes the damaged concrete, and does not harm the surrounding structures.
  • Rebars are uncovered delicately, and are simultaneously cleaned of rust and corrosion.
  • The result is a strong, structured and ideal adhesion surface in the concrete, and a good starting point for a new cast.
  • Fast and efficient compared to other methods


Norva24 also performs water chiselling with handheld equipment where this method is more suitable.

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