We collect and transport fish silage and have our own site for treatment and reuse.

What is fish silage?
Fish silage is fish waste from sea fish. It is basically grinded dead fish and fish entrails, mainly from fish farming. Formic acid is added to the fish masses as a conserving agent. This is mixed well and treated with heat, so that bacteria and other infections disappear. Together, this becomes a liquid and easily pumpable mass.

Fish feces are also a part of the fish silage, but this is separated from the rest and treated separately. The silage mainly happens in the facilities where bi-products are made.

Transport and handling of fish silage
The fish silage is towed in tanks from the facility and into the quay, where we stand ready to transport this onto an approved site for composting and reuse. We compost fish silage comprised of both dead fish, fish entrails and fish feces.

We have our own dredges for the collection and transport of fish silage. When the silage is brought to the composting facility, this is emptied into containers, and woodchips, bog and sand is added to the mix. This is composted in large compost heaps and stored over a period.

What is fish silage used for?
After approximately six months the mixture has turned to soil, which we transport to the market for further sales.

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